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Post Nasal Drip and Nasal-Sinus Congestion - Bad Breath

Post Nasal Drip and Nasal-Sinus Congestion Will Transform a Case of 'Normal' Breath into BAD Breath and 'Bad' Breath into HORRIBLE Breath! - continued

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Use a Nasal-Irrigator such as the Hydro-Pulse to Flush Your Sinuses free from Excess Mucus

Hydro-Pulse Nasal Irrigator
Hydro Pulse Sinus Irrigator

Nasal Irrigation is probably the most effective method of eliminating post-nasal drip and helping to control sinus infections. The Hydro Pulse Sinus Irrigator is an FDA registered device supported by over 37 published medical reports. The unique pulsatile irrigation of the Hydro Pulse helps to restore ciliary function and relieve post nasal drip. A short period of regular use can stimulate the cilia (the tiny hair-like fibers in the nasal sinus passages) to restore their natural protective "sweeping & cleansing" action.

When you feel a sinus condition come on, or feel that you have persistent post-nasal drip and excess mucus, consistent daily use for 10 days should result in a clearing of the condition.

For best results, we recommend a combination of this easy-to-use home instrument with an oxygenating solution such as AktivOxigen serum.

Stop Bad Breath Associated with Post-Nasal Drip, Excess Mucus, and Sinus Problems

For people who don't really have sinus problems, just "off and on" or seasonal post-nasal drip, then an alternative (and better) solution might be to minimize the amount of excess mucus in the back of the throat and more importantly to make sure you neutralize the odor caused by this excess mucus.

You see, the proteins in mucus make an excellent food source for the anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath. The bacteria feed off the amino acids, Methionine and Cysteine, and create extremely odorous and lousy-tasting Volatile Sulfur Compounds as by-products, which are the odors and lousy tastes found in the medical condition halitosis, which YOU (or maybe everyone around you) more commonly knows as bad breath.

There are three key formulas that are extremely effective at neutralizing the odor caused by post-nasal drip:

Therabreath Plus Nasal Sinus Drops Therabreath Aktivoxigen Tablets Therabreath Plus Extinguisher Spray

Nasal Sinus Drops

AktivOxigen Tablets

Extinguisher Spray

Keep in mind that we always recommend using an oxygenating oral rinse and toothpaste such as TheraBreath as the primary ingredients of any breath treatment program.


New Article by Dr. Harold Katz - Founder, California Breath Clinics

Why Use TheraBreath How TheraBreath Works Bad Breath Products Post Nasal Drip and Sinus Congestion