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Halitosis Treatment - TheraBreath


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Why Use TheraBreath?

TheraBreath System Background


The TheraBreath System was developed by the "Bad Breath Guru" and founder of the internationally recognized California Breath Clinic, Dr. Harold Katz. His proven pioneering clinical therapies to stop bad breath and dry mouth have helped millions of people overcome their bad breath problems worldwide. 


The TheraBreath System doesn't use average mouthwash or toothpaste found on the market. It features a wide range of scientifically proven and all-natural products that tackle all sources of bad breath. More specifically, the revolutionary system engages the tongue, throat, gum tissue, and tonsils to ensure that your breath stays fresh. 


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TheraBreath Active Ingredients 


Both the oxygenating compounds (Oxyd-8) and chlorine dioxide technology used in TheraBreath are protected by 17 US and International Patents, which make it a one of a kind. Because of this, ThreaBreath is sought after and trusted by dentists, breath clinics, and satisfied consumers in more than 60 countries. 


TheraBreath Toothpaste contains, in addition to Oxyd-8, aloe vera to soothe damaged gums, Xylitol as a sweetener (no saccharin or aspartame), anti-tartar compounds, anti-plaque compounds, and comes with or without fluoride.


TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse, Dr. Katz's "extra strength" clinical version, contains Zinc Gluconate and Tea Tree Oil, in addition to Oxyd-8.


TheraBreath PLUS Toothpaste, Dr. Katz's "extra strength" clinical version, contains Zinc Gluconate and CoEnzyme Q10, in addition to Oxyd-8 and Aloe Vera. It comes in a non-fluoride and "with fluoride" formula.


TheraBreath PLUS Extinguisher Spray is the only chlorine dioxide/zinc spray that effectively reaches the back of the tongue, throat, tonsil area directly, due to its patented swivel-head spray.


ZOX breath fresheners, made by TheraBreath, use a combination of ZINC, Oxygen, Xylitol, and natural flavors which absorb breath odors throughout the day. They also help to stimulate saliva production and aid in restoring sour/bitter/metallic tastes.

HOW DOES TheraBreath WORK?

  • TheraBreath attacks bad breath directly with a two-pronged approach: 1) Oxyd-8 removes the anaerobic sulfur producing bacteria at the heart of chronic halitosis 2) Oxyd-8 instantly converts existing sulfur compounds, whether derived from food (onions and garlic) or bacterially-produced, into non-odorous and non-tasting sulfate salts.
  • The Zinc component in TheraBreath PLUS literally puts a straight jacket around the bad breath bacteria.  With the added strength of Oxyd-8, bad breath is knocked out for 12 hours or more.
  • Because Therabreath contains natural mineral components that prevent the buildup of plaque and tartar, your teeth will be whiter and smoother, allowing for your fresh breath to last longer
  • Since TheraBreath has a long shelf life (three years) it can be used and re-used right out of the bottle, tube or spray.