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NASOPURE Nasal Washing Treatments

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Nasopure Natural Nasal Wash System

Nasopure Natural Nasal Wash System

Nasal Washing Treatments for Sinusitis

Sinusitis is so familiar, we can all relate to that saying "I feel pressure right here" pointing to areas below and above the eyes. When I first mention nasal irrigation to my patients with sinusitis, they have doubts. I explain to them why nasal washing makes sense, why it is safe, and why it is effective in reducing both the symptoms and the use of medications for sinusitis, acute, recurrent or chronic. I always demonstrate the simple technique and in this way I have found that educating people about nasal health has resulted in my services being required less and less. I love teaching people how to wash their nose.

Sinusitis season is anytime of the year, and can result from any irritant that will cause swelling, congestion, back up of normal flow. The most common perpetrators are allergens, viruses, bacteria, pollution, smoke, dust.

Exposure to irritants of the nose will cause the following: swelling of the mucous lining, an increase in mucus production, thicker and stickier mucus, and generally impedes the normal flow of mucus drainage.

A buffered hypertonic salt solution WILL wash particles out, shrink nasal membranes, increase the efficiency of the nose hairs, thin secretions, and allow the tiny sinus openings to drain effectively.

Any sinus sufferers will benefit from Nasal washes. Washing the body's filter makes as much sense as cleaning the clothes dryer filter. If the nose is kept clean, it can function.

I tell my patients when discussing any recommended treatment option, You should look at the pros and cons of each option offered to you prior to making your decision. How can washing with salt water hurt?

Nasal cleanliness is central to good health and is effective for anyone that wishes to prevent nasal woes or wishes to reduce their use of medications. It is important to have a system that makes washing easy, safe and effective. There are several methods currently available. The Nasopure Nasal Wash is a system I personally developed after years of teaching this practice to my patients. By listening to my patients I was able to create a unique bottle with premixed salt packets that enhance convenience and compliance while being cost effective. Nasopure makes it easy.

People are more likely to wash their nasal passages if it is incorporated into their daily routine - like brushing teeth, washing hands, shampooing hair, and YES: Nasal Washing!

Nasopure Natural Nasal Wash System