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NASOPURE Directions

Nasopure Directions

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Nasopure Natural Nasal Wash System

Nasopure - Directions

Nasopure Natural Nasal Wash System


Nasopure is simple and easy to use.

Preparing your solution.

1) Thoroughly clean your Nasopure bottle and cap using a mild dish soap solution. Rinse well.

2) Pour contents of Nasopure salt packet into the bottle. When first using Nasopure, start with 1/4 - 1/2 of a mixture packet for each full bottle of water. If you experience a burning sensation, decrease the amount of mixture used. As tolerated, increase the amount of salt added every few days until you reach a full packet.

3) Fill bottle with water that is suitable for drinking. Test the solution's temperature by squeezing a few drops on your wrist. Never use hot or cold water; it should be lukewarm.

4) Push the cap down and shake.

5) Discard solution after one week and remix a new batch after washing the bottle and cap. Rinse the cap after each use.

6) Always store solution at room temperature.

Using Nasopure.

It is best to use Nasopure in the shower or while leaning over a sink. Warming the solution can be done by placing the bottle under warm running water, sitting the bottle in a sink or bowl filled with warm water, or adding a small amount of warm water to the solution. Never use solution that is hot to the touch.

7) Place the bottle tip into one nostril, creating a good seal. Point the bottle tip toward the back of the throat. DO NOT POINT the tip upward.

8) Seal your throat with your tongue as if you were gargling or beginning to make the k sound.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Learning how to block your throat may take practice. Blocking the throat properly prevents most of the salt solution from going down your throat and resulting in a salty taste. If the taste is bothersome, rinse with tap water and spit. It is not harmful if a small amount of solution goes down the back of your throat.

9) Gently squeeze the bottle, allowing the solution to wash over the nasal floor and exit the opposite nostril. When first washing your nose, you may experience a mild burning sensation. This is normal and should disappear after several uses. If you are unable to tolerate the burning or stinging sensation, reduce the amount of salt used (see step 2 Preparing your solution).

10) Switch nostrils and repeat.

11) To allow any trapped solution to drain out, bend forward at the waist and gently rotate your head from side to side. Some solution may drain out.

12) Gently blow your nose and, if necessary, rinse your mouth with clean water.

Nasopure Natural Nasal Wash System