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TheraBreath ZOX Mints

May 06, 2014

What is your fresh breath routine? How often do you freshen your breath throughout the day? Between all the meals, conversations, drinks, and temperature, the freshness in your mouth may be taking a toll. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing everyday. Hopefully you are maintaining this routine to keep your teeth and gums clean. However, throughout the day at work or at school, you need to freshen your breath and clean your mouth! Keep your breath fresh and maintain your confidence! therabreath-zox-mints TheraBreath ZOX mints are part of a fresh breath routine that will provide a clean, minty flavor in your mouth! Stimulate saliva flow and remove bad breath germs! A minty, fresh mint that you can simply pop into your mouth before a meeting or a hot date! Sugar-free and only 5 calories! Therabreath carries a line of dental products ready to fight bad breath germs! Keep bad breath away for hours! Throughout the day, I am eating, drinking, snacking, and talking. I need a product to remove the dryness in my mouth and provide a fresh minty flavor. The Therabreath ZOX mints do the trick and taste great! I keep these mints in my purse and laptop bag so that I can maintain my breath all day. Great product! I highly recommend to anyone that enjoys having a fresh and minty breath. Rating: 5 stars out of 5