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GumChucks Floss Handle

April 24, 2014

How will you teach your child to floss? Incorporate it in a fun way in your daily routine! Plaque is the bad guy and flossing is the good guy! Teach kids to remove plaque and bacteria from their teeth and gums. Fighting plaque is important for maintaining their smile and overall oral care. I will admit, as a kid I barely flossed. I didn't start flossing until I was in middle school. Also flossing was uncomfortable and occasionally made my gums bleed. By flossing daily, my gum health improved and it was no longer painful. Once your child is comfortable flossing by themselves, they will maintain their own teeth and gums without your assistance! GumChucks-Floss-Handle GumChucks Floss Handle is a brand new way to floss your teeth! Simply hold the GumChucks in both hands and wiggle the floss through your teeth! Holding the handle is much easier than wrapping the floss around your fingers. The easy to use handle also allows your child to safely work with the floss. Cleaning the GumChucks is easy to do and simply push the button to release the floss. Ninja Vitis is the character who is leader of the Mouth Mob. Your child will love this story and will want to fight Plaque Man and his crew! Make flossing fun and your child will gain a new perspective on cleaning their teeth! The GumChucks are fun to use and also available for adults. A unique and innovative way to clean teeth without the mess and with a simple handle! Rating: 5 stars out of 5