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Jason Natural PowerSmile Toothpaste

April 17, 2014

Want a powerful boost to your smile? Want a whitening tool that enhances your smile without using harsh abrasives and harmful chemicals? It is possible! Use a dental product with natural ingredients and stop using preservatives and artificial flavors. Keep your family safe from harmful ingredients. Keep your mouth healthy and your smile white! I use a few natural products that maintain my health and provide the clean, minty breath that I am looking for. I will only use natural products if I can get the same clean as the leading dental products. I need a toothpaste that can remove plaque, whiten my teeth, and freshen my breath. All in one easy to use product! jason-natural-powersmile-toothpaste Jason Natural PowerSmile Toothpaste is an innovative and multi-purpose toothpaste that boasts many benefits! Fights plaque, tartar, whitens teeth and freshens breath! The powerful peppermint flavor provides a burst of clean and compares to any leading brand toothpaste. I was able to see whitening results within 1 week of using the product daily. Jason Natural PowerSmile is an all natural toothpaste that is flouride-free and SLS free. I felt safe and satisfied with using this product. I would also be willing to let kids use this toothpaste as well. All the ingredients are easy to read and made with natural extracts. A certified organic product. A great way to clean teeth using earth's natural ingredients. Get a great clean while using ingredients with no artificial flavors or ingredients. Clean your mouth and whiten your teeth! I highly recommend this product for an overall healthy clean and dazzling white smile. Rating: 5 stars out of 5