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Dr. Fresh Smiley Gripper Kids Toothbrush

April 03, 2014

What are some tactics to get your child to brush their teeth daily? Spending time with your child is critical for your child's development. Why not brush your teeth together? Your child will learn important oral care habits by watching you take care of your teeth and gums. Be a role model for your children and teach them how to brush their teeth! Using the right dental products will enable your child to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Using the right toothbrush, motivates me to brush my teeth everyday. Providing the right tools for your child will help them maintain their smile. smiley_new   The Dr. Fresh Smiley Gripper Kids Toothbrush is a fun, cute toothbrush made for your child's delicate teeth and gums. The soft bristles gently glide over your child's teeth without any trouble. You can trust Dr. Fresh with your children's small teeth and gums. Also your child will love standing the toothbrush vertically on the bathroom counter. You will love it because bacteria and germs won't be sitting on the Dr. Fresh Smiley Gripper Toothbrush head! The toothbrush is easy to grip for a small hand and the bristles were very soft on my teeth. The cute design and colors grabbed my attention and will help your children brush their teeth! A fun product that I highly recommend for kids to brush their teeth! Rating: 5 stars out of 5