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Peelu Dental Fibers

October 04, 2013

Finding the right toothpaste for you can be overwhelming but narrowing the results and ingredients will help your oral care in the long run.  I prefer using toothpastes without Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) because occasionally it irritates my gums and cheeks.  Using toothpastes with less abrasive ingredients can greatly improve your oral care routine and make you want to keep up with it.  You should be enjoying your time brushing your teeth with a product that you trust for you and your family.  I usually do not use tooth powders but I am always interested in using new products. peelu-dental-fibers   Peelu Dental Fibers is a tooth powder that you can use solely or you can sprinkle it on your toothpaste.  The powder is grainy and prevents the formulation of plaque.  By brushing with the dental fibers, you are really getting a good clean for your teeth and gums.  The only downfall is the grainy texture and the taste. I used it first by itself and it was a little difficult to continue brushing my teeth since I am used to the smooth, minty texture from regular toothpaste.  However, after I sprinkled the dental fibers over my favorite toothpaste, it made brushing a little easier.  I could feel the dental fibers gently cleaning my gums and teeth. My teeth felt clean and fresh after brushing.  However, due to the grainy texture I would probably only use the Peelu Dental Fibers when I am looking for a softer, less abrasive way to brush my teeth. Just in case I had any sores or sensitive areas.  For anyone with sensitive gums, Peelu Dental Fibers are a great alternative to toothpaste. Rating: 3 stars out of 5