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Fuchs Record V Natural Bristle Toothbrush

April 08, 2013

Fuchs Record V Natural Bristle Toothbrush carries a wide range of natural products for all your dental needs! Some people experience sensitivity on their gums and teeth from using artificial ingredients.  Generally I have not had a problem with sensitivity but I did have a breakout a few months ago.  After using a particular toothpaste, my lips and gums were swollen and I was very uncomfortable for a few days. During these few days I was prompted to use natural products to brush my teeth.  I needed a soft, comfortable natural toothbrush that would gently glide across my gums and not further irritate my swollen gums. fuchs-record-v-natural-bristle-toothbrush   Fuchs Record V Natural Bristle Toothbrush is a very unique type of toothbrush.  At first I was a little surprised by how the toothbrush looked.  The bristles and brush head seemed larger than normal and I immediately thought this toothbrush must be for dentures.  As I read the label, it is an adult sized toothbrush.  The bristles just look unusually large and they are beige because they are made naturally from a special breed of boar. As I brushed my teeth, I hardly noticed the size of the toothbrush head.  The only inconvenience was that I could not reach my back wisdom teeth with the Fuchs Natural Bristle Toothbrush. The bristles were rough and I would describe them as medium or even hard.  I prefer using soft or medium bristles so this was a little hard for me.  I would not recommend using this product when you have swollen gums or sensitive gums.  The bristles would irritate them and not feel comfortable. The handle was slippery and I was having some trouble keeping the toothbrush in my hand.  Overall, the toothbrush barely brushed my teeth and it was not a pleasant experience.  Food and plaque were removed but I didn't particularly enjoy the whole 2 minutes.  I will definitely switch to another toothbrush after this one. Rating: 3 stars out of 5 Record V Adult Soft Toothbrush has natural bristles in a "V" shaped pattern. These uniquely shaped bristles help prevent plaque formation, as they can more effectively get in between the teeth. The uniquely angled neck provides maximum agility in reaching even the furthest corners of the mouth. Pure Natural Bristle - Natural bristle brushes are especially useful for people who require soft-bristled brushes to avoid damaging tooth enamel or sensitive gums. The bristles are carefully harvested from a special breed of boar using a process similar to sheering sheep. The boars are extremely well cared for and the bristles are sheered repeatedly during their lifetimes. Natural bristle brushes run softer than their nylon counterparts. A soft natural brush is equivalent to an extra soft nylon one. Plastic Handle, Natural Bristles Please note: The natural bristles are a light beige color.