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Sonicare Xtreme e3000

March 22, 2013

Sonicare Xtreme e3000 Electric Toothbrush

Want the benefits of an electric toothbrush for a great price? I would love to own an electric toothbrush but with my budget, I can't afford an expensive toothbrush.  Also the upkeep of buying new replacement brush heads and parts may become overwhelming.  There are great alternatives to those expensive electronic toothbrushes! You will need to find the right one to fit your needs.  I have relatively healthy teeth and gums, so I would need a basic electronic toothbrush that will clean my teeth thoroughly.  I need a gentle cleaning toothbrush to avoid any irritation or swelling of my gums.  An efficient electronic toothbrush should remove all the plaque and tartar buildup that I am not able to clean with my manual toothbrush. sonicare-xtreme-e3000 The Sonicare Xtreme e3000 is a high end electronic toothbrush for a great value! Designed for first time electronic toothbrush users, even for teenagers! The slim angled toothbrush head reaches my wisdom teeth and comfortably cleaned my teeth.  The bristles were soft and I was able to lightly hover over my teeth.  The vibration was a little strong, so I hardly had to move my toothbrush and I barely glided over my teeth and gums. The Sonicare Xtreme e3000 really shook out the build up plaque from my teeth and I hope it made a significant difference. I can't wait to go to the dental hygienist and see if she can tell the difference between me brushing with the Sonicare or with me brushing with a manual toothbrush. There is a smartimer to time your brushing for 2 minutes which is the recommended time to brush teeth.  Very handy, since I'm sure we all forget to brush for the full 2 minutes! The toothbrush included 2 AA batteries.  I would prefer a stand or a rechargeable base but for the great value of the Sonicare Xtreme e3000 I can live without it! The toothbrush stands fine perfectly on its own and the handle is very easy to grip and maneuver in my mouth. Great product that I would highly recommend for anyone who wants a Sonicare electric toothbrush for a great deal! Rating: 4 stars out of 5 The Xtreme e3000 series was designed based on dental professionals insights to improve brushing habits of young patients. The Xtreme e3000 series is the first sonic toothbrush designed specifically for preteens and teens.
    • Proven to deliver increased brushing compliance.
    • Clinically proven to remove more plaque.
    • Proven to be safe and gentle on braces and brackets.
    • Teen tested and approved.
    • Whiter, healthier teeth!
    • Encourages better brushing habits
    • Ideal for use with braces
    • Smartimer - Two-minute timer helps ensure dental professional recommended brushing time
    • Contoured angled brush head with extra soft bristles
    • Safe for use with braces
    • Slim Handle
    • Battery life - 6 weeks
  • 2 AA alkaline batteries included