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Ashtel Dental Brush Buddies Talking Toothbrush - Dog

October 29, 2012

Brush Buddies Talking Toothbrush - Dog

Make brushing teeth fun with singing characters! Teaching your children healthy oral habits is a very important life lesson and you want to make it stick! I often hear parents say that they can give their kid a children's toothbrush but they are not sure if they are properly cleaning their teeth. Have your child choose their favorite animal character which talks/sings for 2 minutes.  2 minutes is the recommended length of time for us to brush our teeth.  Make brushing fun with the talking characters and your child will be excited to brush their teeth!   brush-buddies-talking-toothbrush-dog The Brush Buddies Talking Toothbrush comes in 5 fun animal characters! A dog, cat, monkey, cow and pig! I picked Priscilla Piggles, the pig who came in a fun pink colored toothbrush.  She was very cute and the toothbrush handle was small to fit a child's hand. The bristles were soft and the brush head was smaller for your child's delicate teeth and gums.  With a simple button, the toothbrush jingles for 2 minutes so your child can practice brushing their teeth for the entire 2 minutes.  A great tool to teach kids that brushing is important and must be completed thoroughly.  I was able to gently clean my teeth and gums.  You can buy several characters for each family member.  Your child will never mix up their toothbrush ever again! At a great price, instruct your child how to brush their teeth and make brushing, a fun bonding time with your child! Rating: 5 stars out of 5 Ashtel Dental presents Brush Buddies talking toothbrush - an innovation in kids oral care. Our unique product features 5 great character designs, each with their own super-fun personality that kids will get a kick out of! But friendly, wacky, characters isn’t all that this brush has to offer; our Brush Buddies will actually educate your child on proper toothbrush techniques! When it is time to start brushing, push the button to activate your brush buddy. It will then instruct your child to brush for 2 minutes, without repeatedly looking at a timer or having to estimate when the time is up. The audio playback will guide your child to brush each section of their teeth, starting with their upper teeth, then switching to their lower teeth after the first minute, and finally ending the sequence by letting them know they have done a "Great job!" This will help your child brush for the entire recommended two-minutes, all while providing a deep clean that you, your child, and your dentist can smile about!