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BreathRx Super Starter Kit Product Review

April 04, 2012

Do you have bad breath? You have come to the right place! I was able to test out the entire BreathRx Super Starter Kit (the entire 8 piece set)! This was exciting, considering lets face it, we all have bad breath sometimes! If you can find at least one great bad breath product, you are set.  This great starter kit covers everything, from morning to night and every time in between.  Follow me through the entire process and with the amazing sale going on, you will want to pick up a BreathRx Super Starter Kit for yourself! BreathRx is a trusted brand used by dentists that specializes in bad breath and halitosis. The BreathRx Starter Kit is an 8 piece kit to get rid of bad breath germs for your entire day! Using all these products on a daily schedule, will eliminate bad breath germs and you will never have a moment's worry about your bad breath.  What a great solution! BreathRx Whitening Toothpaste - This toothpaste tasted amazing! The cool mint flavor was intoxicating, I also happen to love mint.  I actually had to keep reminding myself that I could not swallow the toothpaste, because it was really that good.  The minty flavor was very smooth with no harsh irritants.  My breath was instantly refreshed and I had a cool minty taste for a few hours after brushing my teeth.  An added bonus is the whitening feature, which is very convenient.  I can whiten my teeth and fix my bad breath at the same time! I was able to see immediate whitening results and am excited to see the results within the next week. BreathRx Gentle Tongue Scraper - the BreathRx Super Starter Kit comes with 2 tongue scrapers.  One soft and one regular.  I was able to easily use the regular tongue scraper and clean up the gunk off my tongue. But naturally the soft tongue scraper was more gentle.  Especially on the tip of my tongue.  Your preference but it was nice that both sets were provided.  The key to fresh breath really is the tongue scraper.  Germs are always lurking on your tongue so if you keep your tongue clean, you will have a fresher breath. BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse - I use mouth rinse twice a day, everyday so I was excited to test out the BreathRx mouth rinse.  Again, BreathRx really nailed the flavor! The mouth wash is 100% alcohol-free so the rinse was very smooth and I could easily swish throughout my mouth.  Alcohol dries your mouth and results in a  faster formation of the bacteria that causes odor or bad breath. I always try to stay away from mouth rinses that have alcohol. BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Tongue Spray - This was pretty helpful for traveling or to keep in the car.  It tasted very similar to the mouth rinse.  2 squirts on your tongue and your breath is instantly refreshed.  BreathRx did a great job with the taste of their product because again, the tongue spray was not harsh and tasted great! I could easily use this product everyday and not get sick of the taste.  An easy way to freshen your breath after every meal. BreathRx Anti-Bacterial Breath Spray - I have actually tested out these breath sprays in the past.  These quick anti-bacterial breath sprays seem to taste more potent than the tongue sprays.  1 quick spray and your breath is fresh.  The mint seems a little stronger so depends on your taste.  I would probably use this breath spray after I ate a meal including lots of garlic.  Again alcohol-free and there is a neutralizing agent which leaves your breath fresh for longer. BreathRx Mints - The mints were pretty good.  They actually tasted very similar to lifesavers, which I grew up with and have a great non-harsh minty flavor.  I would carry these with me everyday as a quick instant refresher.  Easy to carry and easy to pop in before a meeting. BreathRx Halisphere Gum - The gum reminded me of a mentos candy.  Similar flavor and same chewy texture.  A similar smooth mint flavor which is evident in all the BreathRx products.  The flavor did not last for very long but the mint flavor filled my mouth and removed the bad breath instantly.  Luckily the BreathRx Starter Kit gives you a wide range of products where you can pick and choose your favorite products. BreathRx Waxed Floss - BreathRx even makes a minty floss! The minty flavor was great, I prefer mint flavored floss.  But the floss was not very smooth and was a little difficult to wrap around my teeth.  The floss kept getting stuck in between my tight-spaced teeth.  The floss was a little disappointing but whats a dental starter kit without a floss? BreathRx has mastered the taste of smooth mint in all of its products so I'm not too upset about the non-smooth floss. Overall the BreathRx Starter Kit is a really amazing gift set for a great price! I would highly recommend this product as a daily dental kit for people with halitosis or even without.  I do not suffer from extreme halitosis but I would definitely use this product on a daily basis purely for the delicious smooth mint taste and the long-lasting freshness.  My fresh breath lasted for hours in the morning when usually I would be searching for a mint within 1 hour after brushing.  The BreathRx Starter Kit kept my breath in check for hours.  Great products, I was very impressed! Rating: 5 stars out of 5