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Dr. Fresh Original FireFly Toothbrush Product Review

April 02, 2012

Teaching your child proper brushing techniques can be a a difficult task.  But these techniques must be taught to children in order to maintain their oral health.  Getting kids excited about brushing their teeth is a whole different task! Using fun children's dental products familiarizes children with brushing habits and teaches them good oral hygiene.  There are now plenty of fun and colorful toothbrushes for kids to use.  Making sure these toothbrushes are soft for children's teeth and gums is also an important factor to consider. The Dr. Fresh Firefly Toothbrush has all the right design features needed to maintain your child's attention and to properly clean their teeth.  The bristles are very soft and are able to gently clean the plaque and food particles off of teeth.  The bristles are also soft enough to massage and clean gums.  Children's teeth and gums are much more delicate then adults so cleaning them gently and thoroughly is very important.  As for the design, the fun Firefly toothbrush by Dr. Fresh lights up for 1 minute! The toothbrush lights up while brushing teeth and teaches kids to continually brush for 1 minute. The batteries are already included so your child can start brushing their teeth to the fun lights instantly! Good luck training your kids and your kids should be able to properly brush their teeth for at least a minute in order to keep the fun flashing! Rating: 5 stars out of 5 id's Fire Fly Blinking Toothbrush 42 mm Lights up for 60 seconds when you push up on the bottom of the brush. Educates children in proper brushing habits. Made with 3 non-replaceable batteries. Kids Comply to Firefly.
  • Educates children in proper brushing habits
  • Soft bristles
  • Flashes for 60 seconds, then turns off automatically
  • Squeeze end of toothbrush and push up simultaneously to activate the light timer.