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Nara Cleaning Toothpowder Product Review

March 28, 2012

Need an alternative to your standard toothpaste? Check out tooth powders.  We have a variety of tooth powders for you to choose from.  The benefits of tooth powder are the natural ingredients such as baking soda and xylitol. You don't have to worry about the artificial ingredients that exist in some of the big brand toothpastes out there. With tooth powders you know exactly all the ingredients that you are putting into your mouth.  Unlike the leading toothpastes, which may contain flouride, Sodium Laural Sulfate, and other added abrasives. If you want to try a new experience, try tooth powders! Nara Too thpowder was the first tooth powder I have ever used.  It was a different experience pouring powder on my wet toothbrush.  Initially the powder was a little grainy and did not dissolve yet, but after it had dissolved it felt like I was exfoliating my gums and teeth.  Kind of like exfoliating face cleansers with the beads to remove dry dead skin.  The tooth powder was a thorough cleaning for my teeth but I found myself re-applying more tooth powder onto my toothbrush one more time to make sure I was able to get a thorough cleaning.  Whereas I only have to apply toothpaste once to my toothbrush to make it all around my mouth.  I also used the tangerine flavor which tasted fruity, like orange candy being used to clean my teeth.  Interesting.  I see that there is a peppermint flavor, maybe more appropriate for the fresh clean taste that you are looking for.  Overall a new experience but I don't think I would use tooth powders again.  Solely for the purpose that it seemed to take longer to clean my teeth and I immediately used mouth rinse afterwards to make sure I got all the tooth powder out of my mouth. I would rather use natural toothpaste which provide the same benefits as tooth powder. Rating: 3 out of 5 Cleaner, Fresher & Healthier Teeth & Gums Finally, all the benefits of Baking Soda with the added features of Xylitol - in one great tasting natural powder! Your mouth will come alive, your teeth and gums will feel fresh and clean and you'll feel good knowing that your family is using a safe and natural tooth powder. This new formula of Nara Cleansing Powder is made with ‘Food Grade Xylitol’ that was derived from birch, and also contains more delicious flavoring! Available in peppermint or tangerine.
  • No Anti-Cakering Chemicals
  • No Sodium Laural Sulfate (SLS)
  • No Fluorides
  • No Added Abrasives
Made in the USA