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Binaca Mouth Rinse Product Review

March 23, 2012

People enjoy talking to others with fresh breath.  There is nothing worse than talking to someone with bad breath.  There are so many simple solutions to bad breath.  Toothpaste, rinse, gum and mints, all available to keep your breath clean! The main difference between all these bad breath remedies is how long your fresh breath will last.  The longer the better, so that you don't have to continue to deal with your bad breath all day.  For me taste and time are the most important factors when selecting a breath neutralizer. The Binaca Mouth Rinse was a bad breath blaster! Goodbye bad breath germs and hello smooth and minty mouth rinse! The Binaca mouth rinse was literally a blast of peppermint in your mouth.  The mouth rinse is alcohol free so you do not taste that bitterness but you will have a fresh tingly feeling in your mouth and tongue.  After you get past the tingling sensation, your mouth will smell awesomely minty! The peppermint really wakes you up and I can be confident when talking to others and not worrying about my breath.  The fresh flavor lasted for a few hours and I was able to get through the morning with a fresh breath.  With the rinse, bad breath germs are eliminated all throughout my mouth.  Not just my teeth, gums, tongue, or cheek.  The rinse can reach all parts of my mouth for a lasting fresh breath feeling.  Great product! I highly recommend it. I can easily keep this product in my car or my purse for 24 hour bad breath protection. Rating: 5 stars out of 5 Binaca, the makers of the wildly popular breath sprays, comes the perfect complement to keeping your breath fresh: Binaca Mouth Rinse! This mouth rinse uses many of the same breath-freshening ingredients as the spray, so if you’re looking for a full mouth clean that the spray just can’t provide, a quick rinse with the Binaca Mouth Rinse will give you that kissable clean in no time! This Mouth Rinse is small and portable, meaning you can have it with you whenever you need it! After dinner, before a date, big meeting at work, anything! You can keep the bottle in your pocket, purse, car, or any other place that would be convenient for you to keep it. Keep your Binaca Mouth Rinse at arm’s reach at all times for a quick and easy breath-freshening that will last for hours!   Alcohol Free A Binaca Blast that lasts! Extreme Fresh Breath!