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Butler Gum Red Cote Disclosing Tablets Product Review

January 09, 2012

Do you ever wonder how efficient you are while brushing your teeth and flossing? Remember when you were a child and the dentist would give you special rinse which turned your teeth pink to show you where you missed brushing/flossing? Well this product is available for home use.  You can use it on yourself and more importantly have a quick oral care lesson with your children.  A great way to track the progress of your children's oral care and even for yourself! The Butler Gum Red Cote Disclosing Tablets are a great way to show the plaque on your teeth so that you can thoroughly clean them.  The pink tablets are easy to use and you just pop it in your mouth.  The tablet Is pretty dark and made my tongue turn red and my teeth definitely showed up pink.  But the color was easily removed within minutes after brushing my teeth.  No need to worry.  I noticed my gum lines and spaces where my teeth meet, were all pink.  I great tool to start focusing on where exactly I need to work on flossing my teeth. This is a great product for kids to show them that they need to keep their teeth clean while practicing brushing their teeth thoroughly. Rating: 4 stars out of 5 Highlights harmful bacterial plaque on teeth and shows where more brushing and flossing are needed. Cherry flavor tablets. Directions: Brush teeth and rinse mouth. Chew 1 tablet. Swish around the mouth for 30 seconds. DO NOT SWALLOW. Expel/spit. Rinse with water. The red color remaining on teeth indicates areas overlooked in brushing and may contain harmful dental plaque. Thoroughly remove the dark red color by brushing and flossing. Use periodically to monitor plaque.