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TePe Compact Tuft Toothbrush Product Review

December 28, 2011

Like many people, I have hard to reach surfaces in my mouth, such as my wisdom teeth or a few less straight teeth.  Regardless of the location, these teeth must be maintained and cleaned like any other surface.  It is very difficult to reach these areas with a regular toothbrush and luckily the hygienist can provide an excellent cleaning but what can you do at home?  These teeth are prone to decay and it is important to keep them clean just like the rest of your teeth. The TePe Compact Tuft Toothbrush was a very useful toothbrush to reach my wisdom teeth and hard to reach teeth.  The compact bristles on the head, provided a direct and strong brush for those hard to reach places.  I immediately was able to feel the difference with the removed surface plaque.  I am sure that the dental hygienist will notice the difference compared to not using any brush at all. I prefer the TePe compact tuft toothbrush compared to other brands because of the tough bristles.  Just a simple swab and you can feel the difference.  I can also use this toothbrush for the small spaces in between my teeth and receive a thorough cleaning. I could even use this product on kids and small children.  With the small brush head, it can easily clean the small teeth of children.  Great product, along with the other wonderful TePe products! Rating: 5 stars out of 5 Single-tufted compact tip with relatively short bristles for greater stability. The small and compact tuft allows easier access. Suitable for fixed orthodontic appliances, crown and bridge work, difficult-to-reach areas, along the gum line for children´s emerging posterior teeth. Instructions for use: TePe Compact Tuft is dome shaped to clean along the gum line and for children’s emerging posterior teeth. It is also suitable for difficult-to-reach areas such as furcations, orthodontics and implant abutments. Look in the mirror to make sure that you handle the brush properly. Proper cleaning along the gum line: Hold brush-tip at a 45° angle so that filament tips touch the gum line. Move brush-tip gently back and forth along gum line. Proper cleaning of children’s emerging posterior teeth: Hold brush-tip at a 90° towards the occlusal surface of the posterior teeth. Move brush-tip gently with small, circular movements. This will clean the occlusal grooves to prevent caries. TePe designs, manufactures and sells oral health products of high quality. TePe’s aim is to develop products gentle to both mouth and environment. TePe was founded in 1965, a time when dental care in Sweden was focused on prophylaxis.