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Oral-B Advantage Artica Toothbrush Product Review

December 21, 2011

Does your toothbrush do more than just clean your teeth?  Why not have a multi-beneficial toothbrush that can do more than just clean your teeth? Save time at the dentist and at home by using an advanced toothbrush that provides all the basic needs your teeth and gums need at a reasonable price.  Oral-B is a trusted brand that dentist use to recommend to patients.  The Oral-B brand is one of the leading dental brands out there to give you the best product for your oral health. The Oral-B Advantage Artica Toothbrush was a great toothbrush that cleaned all the plaque off my teeth and lightly massaged my gums.  The soft bristles were sturdy enough to clean my teeth thoroughly and firm enough to remove all the plaque between my teeth and gums. With the smaller brush head, I was able to reach back to my wisdom teeth and thoroughly clean them.  That area has been a problem area for the past few years, and its very important for me to keep my wisdom teeth in great condition.  I also enjoy the color indication on the bristles to let me know when to change my toothbrush.  We all lose track of time and its really the only indication that works well! These are all standard features that are provided in a multi-beneficial toothbrush.  Good product but I probably wouldn’t notice much if I changed the brand to another multi-beneficial toothbrush. Rating: 4 stars out of 5 Proven to clean and whiten, the unique polishing cup bristle design helps maximize the effectiveness of your toothpaste to naturally whiten your teeth. Artica Toothbrushes Feature:
  • Unique Polishing Cup bristle design with tightly packed center bristles encircled by taller angled bristles that help hold toothpaste to effectively clean away stains for a naturally whiter smile.
  • Oral-B Power Tip bristles help you reach your back teeth.
  • Blue Oral-B Indicator bristles fade halfway so you know when to replace your brush.
  • Ergonomically designed handle for better comfort and control.