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Beauty Cloth Exfolia Disposable Facial Cloths Product Review

December 19, 2011

Everyone wants beautiful, smooth, silky skin.  Achieving this is very desirable.  People spend large sums of money to achieve exfoliated, smooth skin but there are simple and cheaper methods to achieve the results that facials can provide.  Especially during the cold, winter months, skin is left brittle, dry, and flaky.  Instead of scrubbing off the dead skin cells, it is important to lightly exfoliate the skin in a healthy manner.  I used to suffer from acne and I am very cautious about my skin and the products that I use.  I only use beauty products that are safe and chemical free. The Beauty Cloth Exfolia Disposable Facial Cloths provided excellent results that I would achieve from an expensive facial. I have combination skin, dry and oily but during the winter season, the dry skin usually prevails.  I have flaky skin and my cleaning rinse does not necessarily exfoliate my skin.  I am left picking off the flaky skin myself.  I tried the Beauty Cloth Exfolia and was amazed with the smoothness of my skin afterwards.  I simply used my same cleaner but used the facial cloths to safely and gently remove the dead skin cells from my face.  I am a true testament that I had a smoother complexion within 2 minutes guaranteed! I have sensitive skin as well and I have had a history to reacting to certain beauty products.  But there were no negative or allergic reactions with the Beauty Cloth Exfolia! Great product that I highly recommend. Rating: 5 stars out of 5 Same high tech product as the popular Exfolia miracle cloth. Handy Dispenser Box. Uniquely formed ultrafine fibers literally scoop dead cells, dirt, and impurities from skin without chemicals or dangerous acids, crystals or machines. Remove makeup, wash and exfoliate - in one efficacious step! Fast, safe, economical and beautiful! Exfolia products offer cleaner, healthier, smoother, glowing skin via a safe and sensible natural path. 20 sheets 3.25 x 4.5 size. 10 to 20 week supply of exfoliation treatments. For all skin and ethnic types.
  • Non-Alergenic
  • For all skin types & ethnicities
  • No chemicals, crystals, machines
  • Safe, simple, instant results
  • Smoother complexion in 2 minutes - Guranteed!
  • Results superior to expensive spas