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SmartMouth Sugar Free Mints with Zinc Product Review

December 14, 2011

Need a quick remedy for your bad breath? On the go and don’t have access to your toothbrush and a sink? How do you handle your bad breath? Gum and mints? You need a long-term remedy for your bad breath or you will be popping mints all day.  You can pick up mints and gum at the store, but a long term solution would be more effective for your bad breath.  The best products have ingredients that are specially formulated to fight bad breath germs. SmartMouth Sugar Free Mints with Zinc is used with xylitol which tastes great and fights cavities.  These mints are very refreshing and relieves your dry mouth with a revitalizing feeling!  Your mouth is instantly refreshed with the Smartmouth mints and I experienced fresh breath for hours after the mints dissolved.  The mint is fresh and not too overwhelming.  The container easily fits in my purse and I can easily pop a mint without having to worry about my bad breath. Great product that I carry around with me daily! Rating: 5 stars out of 5 SmartMouth Mints introduce additional zinc ions into your mouth to promote fresh breath throughout the day. The invigorating flavor gives you a blast of refreshing mint creating a fresh sensation throughout the day.