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Dentek Comfort Clean Tongue Cleaner Product Review

December 09, 2011

Did you know that bacteria and germs stay on your tongue even after brushing causing halitosis? Just when you thought your breath would be fresh after brushing, flossing, and rinsing, that bad breath might sneak up on you within minutes afterwards.  The tongue is often neglected and it is very important to not only just clean your teeth and gums but your tongue as well.  Think about it, all the food and drinks we consume every day pass over our tongue, naturally an obvious place for bacteria to linger.  Don’t worry, we have special products for your breath that target your tongue. The Dentek Comfort Clean Tongue Cleaner was a great way to scrape off the bacteria, germs, and film that often sit on our tongues.  This tongue cleaner was similar to other tongue cleaners that I have used in the past.  There are no bristles, but instead 3 cleaning edges that gently glide over your tongue.  An instant freshness after you use this product.  The most interesting part about the tongue cleaner was the green, mint surface of the cleaning edges.  The edges most definitely smelled minty but I did not taste any mint on my tongue.  But the minty freshness was a nice scent while cleaning my tongue.  Just as a standard toothbrush, you should replace your tongue cleaner every 3 months.  Great product, but I’ve used other tongue cleaners that provided the same results. Rating: 4 stars out of 5. Many people overlook cleaning their tongue. Bacteria and germs stay on the tongue which causes bad breath. Help get rid of that bad breath with the Dentek Comfort Clean Tongue Cleaner. Designed with 3 cleaning edges, it gently scrapes those odor causing germs off the tongue surface. Its narrow profile fits in every size mouth. Cleaning your tongue on a regular basis will improve your breath. Like a toothbrush, you should replace the tongue cleaner every 3 months. Mint Flavored