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Supersmile Oral Rinse Product Review

December 07, 2011

Oral rinses are an important part of our daily routine to maintain healthy teeth and gums.  Oral rinses not only provide minty fresh breath but they can also help in cleaning teeth and gums after meals.  With the large variety of mouth washes and the many added health benefits, it may be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for.  Options such as whitening, plaque fighting, extra minty, non-alcoholic and natural are all different varieties of mouth rinses that you can find in the market.  The best choices for you should include ingredients that are safe and provide a benefit for your health. The Supersmile Oral Rinse fights cavities and plaque with long term results.  Unlike some oral rinses, Supersmile is sugar-free and reduces plaque.  The most interesting ingredient in this oral rinse is the baking soda which was detectable but fights odor causing germs.  The minty oral rinse seemed a little syrupy but provided long lasting fresh breath.  The oral rinse was thicker than other mouth washes but my teeth seem cleaner and had less tartar buildup.  The design of the bottle is also very sleek and reminds me of the high end water bottles.  Very eye catching and my breath was fresh all morning. Rating: 5 stars out of 5 Supersmile Clinically Formulated Oral Rinse has been designed to provide much more than just longlasting fresh breath. With regular use as part of the Supersmile Oral Care Maintenance System,this winter-fresh mint flavored mouthwash will help keep teeth clean, aid in preventing the formation of plaque (that can often lead to serious oral care problems, such as gingivitis) and provides long-lasting germicidal protection by actively eliminating the bacteria that can cause bad breath. Large: NET WEIGHT 16 FL OZ/473 ML. How it works: Cavities form when the mouth is in a constant state of acidity due to over-consumption of carbohydrates. Because it is sugar-free, our Oral Rinse helps neutralize the ph balance of the mouth, minimizing the formation of plaque-causing bacteria, while baking soda goes to work on odor-causing germs.