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Tek Floss Picks Product Review

December 02, 2011

Have you been flossing your teeth regularly? Don’t lie, if you haven’t been, why not? Pain, time-consuming, messy? Well we are hoping to encourage you to floss more often, daily at least! For those who do not enjoy flossing, you may find that using a flossing aid is much easier to navigate through your teeth.  The easy handle makes things less messy and you have more control of the floss.  I personally have trouble reaching the back of my teeth because it’s hard to get regular floss back there with only my fingers. The Tek Floss picks have waxed, nylon, shred resistant floss that easily glides through all the spaces in my teeth. The handle was very easy to maneuver the floss in between my teeth. I have very tight spaces in between my teeth and the Tek floss picks were able to get through every crevice.  Even my wisdom teeth which are hard to reach when using regular floss.  With the handle, I am able to reach farther back to my molars and wisdom teeth.  The floss was waxed so there was no pain and did not shred like some floss.  Great product that I highly recommend! Rating: 5 stars out of 5 If you hate flossing, and I know many of you do, not all hope is lost! Dr. Fresh has a much easier, safer, more comfortable, and more effective way to clean between your teeth then normal flossing. Introducing Tek Floss Picks, tiny hand-held sticks that have the floss already taut at the end. All you have to do is guide the floss pick in between the teeth, and the floss thread will clean it no problem. The waxed nylon floss is shred resistant and slides easily between teeth to grab and remove food particles and plaque so much easier and more effectively then regular floss because you have more control thanks to the curved design. And the end of each floss pick is angled and pointed to act like a toothpick, so you can remove food particles and stimulate the gums. This two in one Tek Floss Pick is just what you need if you’re looking for an effective alternative to flossing!