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Dr. Fresh Orazyme Enzymatic Dry Mouth Moisturizing Spray Product Review

November 23, 2011

Do you ever experience severe xerostomia and or dry mouth that does not go away despite attempts to drink water or other drinks? Dry mouth is a condition in which your mouth is lacking moisture which may result in mouth ulcers, cracked lips, bad breath, and/or plaque.  It is also just an overall unpleasant experience when no amount of liquid ever quenches your mouth! Luckily there are many dry mouth products out there to combat this annoying problem. Dr. Fresh Orazyme enzymatic dry mouth moisturizing spray was very refreshing and tasted great! The mild mint flavored spray felt like a burst of relief.  The spray instantly relieved my dry mouth symptoms and I was much more at ease.  No more trouble chewing and swallowing and no more dry lips.  Just thinking about the spray, makes me want to moisturize my mouth right now! I also enjoy that the product is alcohol free and sugar free which tend to cause bad breath germs.  But with this spray my mouth is relieved and my breath is also freshened. This spray comes in a convenient and discreet small container.  It can easily fit in my purse or I can carry it with me in my car for anytime.  I plan on continually using this product and with the great pricing, I can stock up! Rating: 5 stars out of 5 Dr. Fresh Orazyme Enzymatic Dry Mouth Moisturizing Spray features a 2.5oz spray bottle with a convenient spray nozzle. Simply spray 2 to 3 times directly into your mouth for on-the-spot relief of dry mouth symptoms. Dr. Fresh Orazyme Enzymatic Dry Mouth Moisturizing Spray is a NATURAL source of moisture for a healthy mouth. Use for instant relief of dry mouth symptoms. Orazyme moisturizing spray moistens on the contact and soothes and protect dry mouth tissue. Using the Dr. Fresh Orazyme Enzymatic Dry Mouth Moisturizing Spray helps relieve the symptoms of dry mouth including:
  • Sticky, dry mouth
  • Sore, irritated red tongue
  • Cracked lips, blisters and mouth ulcers
  • Frequent thirst, especially at night
  • Trouble chewing, swallowing, tasting or speaking
  • Bad Breath, damaged mouth tissue
  • Rampant decay, serious plaque
Dr. Fresh Orazyme Enzymatic Dry Mouth Moisturizing Spray is a unique product created as a natural enzymatic delivery system that helps maintain natural moisture balance in your mouth by selectively inhibiting “bad” bacteria and stimulating the role of saliva. This enzymatic system provides several unique combinations that offer different triggers to promote healing of various oral ailments and alleviate symptoms of dry mouth. Dr. Fresh Orazyme Enzymatic Dry Mouth Moisturizing Spray features:
  • On-the-go relief of dry mouth symptoms
  • Tasty Mild Mint Flavor
  • 1.5 OZ (45mL) spray bottle
  • No saccharin, parabens or dyes
  • Made in the USA
  • Bioactive enzymes help restore moisture balance
  • Alcohol and sugar free
  • All natural
The reason behind the name Orazyme is simple. “Ora” stands for Oral and “zyme” stands for enzymes. The 7 Oral Enzymes are what contribute to the long lasting nature of Orazyme and also make it different from other products on the market.