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Reach Access - Daily Flosser Starter Kit Product Review

November 21, 2011

Hate flossing your teeth? Inconvenient, messy, painful? These are all problems that we face everyday but in reality, flossing your teeth is extremely important for your oral health. And if you hate flossing try using a flossing aid.  Embracing oral care is much better then suffering down the road with extreme oral health care problems.  Nowadays there are great products that make the tedious task of flossing so much more enjoyable.  No more are the days of just using an uncomfortable piece of string and making your gums bleed.  We live in modern times with better technology for flossing! The Reach Access Daily Flosser was a great new way to floss your teeth. I do not mind flossing my teeth with my fingers and the string of floss wrapped around my fingers.  But the daily flosser is a convenient holder which is shaped like a  toothbrush handle with a convenient flosser on the end.  The flosser being,a detachable head with a short piece of floss which easily glides through your teeth.  Instead of getting your fingers and hands dirty with plaque, saliva, and blood, you can use your flosser to get to those hard to reach areas.  I will admit, with regular floss and your fingers, it is very difficult to get to my wisdom teeth and they are sometimes forgotten.  But with the Access Flosser by Reach, I can easily get back there.  Now I have no excuse to not keep my wisdom teeth clean.  Replacement heads are included in the pack and you can easily pop the head off and use a new flosser.  The only downfall with this amazing product is that you will need to continue to buy replacement floss heads.  You can wash it but you will still want to maintain the flosser and keep it clean. Rating: 4 stars out of 5 Directions: Insert floss between teeth using a gentle back-and-forth motion. Move floss up and down against each tooth to clean both above and below the gum line. Rinse the floss with water and repeat cleaning procedure for each tooth. Each unit comes with 3 replacement heads. To remove head from handle: Hold the handle face down with your thumb just below the Snap-on head. Placing the head on your counter or hard surface press gently down on handle to release head. Attaching Snap-On head to handle: Open Snap-On head package. Position the notched side of the handle over the replacement head and push down. An audible click will indicate the head is engaged. Warnings: For use by adults only. Keep out of reach of children. This product contains small parts which may be a chocking hazard