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Tung Brush Product Review

October 19, 2011

Bad breath germs hide in your teeth, gums, and tongue.  When brushing your teeth twice a day, your toothbrush should eliminate the majority of bad breath germs on your teeth and gums.  But what about your tongue? You can brush your tongue with your toothbrush, but since the bristles are so soft, it can only clean the top layer of your tongue.  To get a thorough clean mouth and to eliminate bad breath germs, you must dig deeper to clean your entire mouth. The Tung Brush was a great tool to clean your tongue.  The large round, bristled head covered more surface space and it reminded me of a rake.  The bristles were strong enough to remove all the grime and saliva from your tongue and your whole mouth feels so much cleaner.  Food and beverage residue is removed and you can start your day with a fresh breath.  It also comes with a Tung gel sample which has Zinc Chloride to help neutralize your bad breath.  This will in turn provide a fresh breath all day long!  The tooth gel was a great minty flavor that left my breath tasting fresh! Great product, that I plan on using everyday right after I brush my teeth.
Rating: 5 stars out of 5
Tung Brush was created specifically for use on tongues. With it's wider head, it's more effective than a regular toothbrush, while the shorter bristles reduce gagging while brushing and has an ergonomically designed handle