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Brush Buddies Poppin’ Kids Toothbrush Product Review

October 17, 2011

Brushing your teeth is not one of the most entertaining activities a child can do.  So any way to make a kids toothbrush fun is a great way to get kid’s excited about oral care! Having an easy-grip character toothbrush is a great way to promote healthy habits! Make brushing teeth a fun activity for your child! They will be excited to brush their teeth with you! Kids learn habits from their parents and parents need to make sure to have good oral habits as well. The Brush Buddies Poppin’ Kids toothbrush comes in assorted characters such as a frog, lion, cow, tiger, and elephant.  The design is such a great concept! The animal head serves as a toothbrush holder and easily pops right off.  The stem is the body elongates itself for convenient brushing and can shrink to a shorter size for traveling.  The quick button, allows the toothbrush to elongate and serve as a functional toothbrush. The bristles are nice and soft and the head of the toothbrush is smaller sized to fit the needs of a child's mouth and teeth.  The toothbrush is safe for kids and easy to use.  The soft bristles removed plaque and leftover food particles easily leaving teeth clean and healthy.  The bristles were soft on gums as well. The toothbrush stands by itself and can easily be placed in the bathroom safe from germs.  This is a great kids dental care product to get excited about brushing their teeth! I would highly recommend this to my nieces and nephews!
Rating: 5 stars out of 5
Quick, go tell your kids brushing is fun again! Introducing Brush Buddies Poppin, the exciting new member of the Brush Buddies line, that will literally get you to jump for joy! These adorable and hilarious animal pals will give your kids a fun little surprise every time they brush all at the touch of a button! When your child pushes their brush buddie’s belly button, their head will POP up into the air! Take off the buddie’s head/toothbrush cap, and you’re ready to brush! When you’re done brushing for two minutes, push the toothbrush back down, and place the character’s head back on, and you’re all done! The head itself acts as a cap for the toothbrush bristles, meaning your brush will stay sanitary longer!
Your child will love brushing their teeth every time with a little help from their Brush Buddies!
·         Soft Tynex Bristles by Dupont
·         Easy-Grip Character
·         Safe for kids to use
·         Kid-Friendly Paint
·         BPA-Free
·         Non-Toxic plastic
·         No Bisphenol A
·         No Phthalates