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La Fresh Dental Finger Mitts Product Review

September 19, 2011

Remember when you were a kid and when you didn’t have a toothbrush you used your finger? Well there are now alternatives to scrubbing your teeth when you have absolutely no toothbrush, toothpaste, or floss.  For the most part, you probably have access to these simple things but what about during camping and traveling.  Sometimes you may not have a sink and grabbing a toothbrush is not accessible.  Thankfully there are products that address these issues. The La Fresh Dental Finger Mitt is a minty cloth that you wrap around your finger like a finger puppet.  I rubbed the cloth on my teeth and tried to brush my teeth the best I could.  The cloth was doused in a minty rinse and it reminded me of brushing your pet’s teeth.  Very interesting. I scrubbed a few times and the cloth had food particles left on it.  So it actually worked and did its job! Of course I wasn’t able to get between my teeth or my wisdom teeth but it was good enough for a quick “brush”.  There was a slight minty aftertaste and I would probably follow up with mints, mouthwash, or even just water.   I would probably only use this product in desperate situations like camping since I still needed to wash my finger after using this dental finger mitt.  I would give this product a 3 star review just because I would prefer to brush my teeth with a tootbrush, floss, or even floss picks over the finger mitt. Rating: 3 stars out of 5 La Fresh Dental Finger Mitts are perfect companions when you are on the go. Each mitt is pre-moistened and always ready to deliver mouth-refreshing feel in just seconds! Use it anywhere, anytime. Finger-sized mitt easily slip on your index finger for use.