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ORA-GLO Mints + Floss Product Review

September 12, 2011

We all want to have fresh breath at all times.  There are many ways to combat bad breath but the best products must remove bacteria and leftover food particles which is the leading cause of bad breath.  Throughout the day we are constantly eating foods and bad breath is inevitable.  It is important to use a product that fixes the problem and is a lasting solution for the rest of the day.  We all have jobs, tasks, and busy lives and we cannot revolve ourselves around a sink and toothbrush all day. An on the go solution is necessary! Good thing there are two in one products made by Ora-Glo Mints + Floss.  The floss attacks the problem at hand by removing food particles and plaque while the mints are able to provide a fresh breath throughout the day.  The sleek, modern, and clever product design allows for a floss stand to sit on top while on the bottom, a packet of mints is held.  I was very impressed with the product design.  The 20 feet of floss will come in handy for those emergency situations.  The floss unfortunately does not have any mint flavor and it is not very smooth.  It does its job but it is not a tasty floss to use.  I would leave this in my car, for those times when I just need anything to get  food out of my teeth.  The mints however were pretty good.  They weren’t too sweet or strong and are made with splenda.  So they are only 1 calorie each.  Since the floss had no flavor, the mints will make up for a clean fresh taste in your mouth.  Great for emergencies but I would not use the floss on a regular basis.  I give the product 4 stars just because the floss wasn’t really that great but the whole product itself is very convenient. Rating: 4 stars out of 5 Contains the unique combination of sugar-free breath mints (made with Splenda®) and dental floss in one-compact and convenient container. keeps your teeth clean and breath mint fresh anywhere life might take you. It’s a must for your home, car, purse, or pocket. Package contains: 40 sugar-free mints 20 feet of waxed dental floss