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Reach Total Care Product Review

August 31, 2011

I floss everyday and it is always interesting to try out new floss.  You never know what you could be missing if you don’t try the latest new products.  Flossing is very important and significantly reduces plaque and tartar if used properly.  I try to floss every night and my dentist can always tell if I have flossed or not.  I am constantly checking for food in between my teeth and plaque because it is very noticeable and no one wants to see that. I tried Johnson & Johnson Reach total care.  This cool blue, elastic, sheer floss was very modern and futuristic.  It easily glided through my teeth even in the very narrow spaces.  The floss is elastic so it can easily flex and bend to fit in any spot.  I noticed plaque and extra food particles were instantly removed.  I noticed that with the elastic band, I could use less floss and get through every tooth in my mouth. The floss is shred resistant and easy to grip onto.  It has a rubbery texture which makes it really easy to hold between your fingers.  Unlike regular floss that you have to wrap around your finger 3 times to get it to stay.  The floss was very minty and I noticed that there is also a Listerine mint version as well.  I love having minty floss and being able have  fresh breath afterwards.  I usually rinse after flossing anyways but this a minty floss is perfect without rinse! Rating: 5 stars out of 5 Buy the Johnson & Johnson Reach total care
  • 5 yd. Travel Size Floss
  • Micro-grooves for superior cleaning.
  • Easy sliding.
  • Superior plaque removal and easy sliding.
  • It's floss with no compromise.
  • Our unique Micro-Grooves flex to the contours of your teeth for superior plaque removal.
  • Slides as easily as Glide Original Mint floss and removes up to 2x more plaque.
  • Flexible, shred-resistant and easy to grip.
  • Yarn - USA, processed and packaged in the Dominican Republic.