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Ice Drops Breath Spray Product Review

July 27, 2011

I am a busy working professional always on the go.  I need products that are travel friendly and convenient at all times.  I am very social at work and I am always in face to face meetings.  A common pet peeve at the office is bad breath.  We are constantly communicating with people at work and its only common practice to have a fresh breath when conversing with others.  There is a reason there are mints at the front desk! There are so many options for having a fresh breath and over time I have found that the most convenient are breath sprays. I used Ice Drops breath Spray and my breath was instantly fresh within seconds.  The minty, smooth flavor tasted really good and kept my breath fresh for hours! I used the spearmint flavor, which is my favorite and I found that one drop was all I needed for a few hours.  The best part about the spray was that there was no need to spit it out, or wait till it dissolved. It was instant.  Perfect for when I’m running into a meeting or getting out of my car to meet someone.  It comes in a small case which I can easily throw into my smallest purse.  Over 100 sprays per bottle so I should be good for a few months. 5 stars out of 5
  • Over 100 sprays/bottle
  • 8.5ml/0.3fl oz
  • Non-aerosol, concentrated, long lasting
  • Instant fresh breath anywhere!