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Glide Original Floss Product Review

July 20, 2011

I floss every night and with my teeth always shifting, I need floss that will get through all the small spaces between my teeth.  I don’t like thick floss or textured floss because I usually have trouble wedging it between my teeth.  I prefer smooth floss and a little mint goes a long way as well.  I like to floss my teeth every night because when I go to the dental hygienist, she has less work to do when it comes to cleaning the plaque off my teeth.  I will do anything to keep my teeth cleaning visits short and sweet! I tried Crest Glide Original Floss and it was a standard white plastic floss which I enjoyed using.  The smooth floss coated with natural wax easily glides between your teeth.  I was able to get the floss even through my overlapping teeth.  If you have tight spaces between your teeth, you should use this floss.  Plaque and extra food is instantly removed.  The convenient case allows for me to take the floss on the go.  The only downfall with the floss is that there is no flavor but it does clean your teeth thoroughly.  I had no gum discomfort and my mouth felt fresh and clean after flossing my teeth. Rating: 4 stars out of 5 The #1 recommended brand of dental floss by U.S. dental professionals, Glide® Floss is designed to resist shredding. It removes plaque and helps prevent gingivitis for healthy teeth and gums. With Glide® Floss, you'll be able to easily slide floss between teeth due to the light coating of natural wax. Plus Glide is designed for less gum irritation.
  • NO shredding between teeth
  • Designed to easily slide between teeth and dental work
  • Lightly coated with natural wax for improved grip.
Directions: How To Floss:
  • Wrap 18" to 24" section around middle fingers and draw tight.
  • Curve floss around tooth as you gently scrape between each tooth and gum.