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Lip Rageous Lip Gloss Product Review

July 18, 2011

Lip balm and gloss are one of my favorite beauty products.  I love having soft lips and smooth lips are a necessity in my life.  Nobody wants chapped lips and its important to find a lip balm that works for you.  I need a lip gloss that will prevent chapped lips and will also repair chapped lips.  Sometimes if you are in extreme heat or extreme winds, chapped lips are unavoidable.  Luckily, we have lots of products to choose from.  Just depends on what you are looking for. I prefer a smooth lip gloss that has a good taste, lasts all day, and preferably includes sun screen. Lip Rageous Lip Gloss is a fun product that is suitable for kids and adults.  The most prominent feature of the Lip Rageous Lip Gloss is the delicious, intoxicating smell.  I tried the strawberry fraise and the smell is so good, that you forget that it is lip gloss and not candy.  The bright red, smooth strawberry gloss is very hard not to eat.  The intoxicating smell lasts for hours on your lips.  The gloss leaves your lips slightly glossy but not a full shine.  There is no color tint, so luckily my lips did not turn red.  Unfortunately the lip gloss does not have SPF in it, so I would still need to put SPF on my lips before I used this product.  But I would use the product for the smell and the glossy effect on my lips.  There is no waxy flavor and your signicant other will appreciate it! There are 3 fun flavors to try out.  I can’t wait to try out the vanilla and watermelon flavors! The container is a small aluminum container and you can apply the lip gloss with your finger or a brush.  The funky label design seems to be geared towards adolescents but as an adult I would use this product.  Pick up a fun flavor for you and your child! Rating: 4 stars out of 5
  • Comes in 3 delicious flavors: Strawberry, Watermelon, and Vanilla.
  • 8g/.3oz Convenient Container.
  • Use with care. Ages 6 & up.
  • Please specify flavor requests in the customer comments.
  • Ingredients: Mineral oil, petrolatum, wax, saccharin, silica, NGA flavors. May Contain: FDGC blue I, yellow 5, red 40, DGC red27 G30
  • If you want a particular flavor please note it in the customers comment during checkout.