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Butler Gum Tongue Cleaner 760

April 20, 2011

Butler Gum Tongue Cleaner 760: Brush and Scraper Combo

From previous posts I have mentioned that I usually just brush my tongue with my toothbrush which is supposed to help keep your mouth clean and to have a fresh breath.   Some toothbrushes have the gel head on the other side of the bristles specifically for cleaning your tongue.  I’ve just been using the bristles.  In the past I have used plastic tongue scrapers which have a flexible piece of plastic which you hold on with both hands to bend into a U shape and you scrape it across your tongue.  This method worked but it's kind of a hassle and I eventually stopped using it.  I was curious to test out a new type of tongue cleaner and to see if there were any differences from the plastic U shaped tongue scraper. The Butler Gum Tongue Cleaner was really amazing! The cleaner had 2 sides on each side.  One side had short bristles that felt like a toothbrush but was more firm due to the shortness of the bristles and the other side was like a plastic rake.  I used both sides of the tongue cleaner after I brushed and rinsed and it felt like a full cleaning.  The cleaner scraped off all the extra residue from the toothpaste and rinse and my mouth felt fresh and clean.  My breath was clean and I have been using this cleaner every night  after brushing my teeth.  I significantly see the results with a longer lasting fresh breath.  With the easy handle similar to a toothbrush, I see myself using this product for the rest of my life! I am also a fan of the Gum brand toothbrushes because of their unique features for special needs such as cleaning wisdom teeth. Rating: 5 stars out of 5 Removes plaque and bacteria known to cause bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease
  • Narrow head is comfortable and minimizes gag reflex
  • Multiple, curved ridges trap and lift away plaque and bacteria
  • Ergonomically shaped handle with raised thumb grip for comfort and control.
  • Long handle for easier access to the posterior region of the tongue, the main area bacteria reside.
  • Open design for easy rinsing after use