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Some simple ways to keep your breath kissably fresh!

February 12, 2010

The biggest kissing holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day, is coming up very soon, and we here at are offering some simple tips to make every one of those kisses perfect! Halitosis, or bad breath, is one of the biggest turnoffs for men and women alike.  So for a day like Valentine’s Day, bad breath is definitely not allowed!  Here are some easy fixes to be rid of that bad breath: 1.  Brush and floss your teeth:  Keeping your mouth regularly clean is one of the easiest ways to keep your breath fresh.  Brushing your teeth with a good toothbrush slowly over each tooth during the entire 2 minutes will prevent plaque buildup and cavities, and remove bacteria that cause odors.  Also, proper flossing will remove food particles that can also cause bad breath. 2.  Clean your tongue:  A lot of germs, bacteria, and food particles stay on your tongue all day, especially in the back.  Using your toothbrush or tongue cleaner, brush your tongue to loosen the bacteria.  Then with a tongue scraper, scrape off all of the left-over waste.  Your mouth will definitely feel a lot fresher afterwards.  The Butler-Gum Tongue Brush and Scraper Combo is a great tool for keeping your tongue clean. 3.  Drink lots of water:  Bacteria likes to grow in warm dry places, so the more dry your mouth is, the worse your breath will get.  Luckily the mouth has its own natural defense against germs: your saliva.  And the best way to keep the saliva flowing is to drink plenty of liquids.  This will keep the bad odors away. 4.  Chew sugarless gum:  bacteria found in the mouth feed off of sugars, changing them into harmful acids that harm the teeth.  So using sugared gums or mints won’t remove odor-causing bacteria.  Instead it will ineffectually mask the smells while harming your teeth.  Sugarless gum avoids that problem completely.  Sugarless gum will promote saliva flow in the mouth, won’t create harmful acids, and if it contains xylitol, the gum will clean your teeth as well.   For those who suffer from dry mouth, try a moisturizing mouth spray like Rain Dry Mouth Spray. With these tips, not only will you keep your mouth healthy and clean, but you’ll be making all those Valentine’s kisses perfect for both you and your significant other!