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Just how unhealthy is soda?

October 05, 2009

Ask any practitioner of medicine, whether it be your dentist, Physician, or Personal Trainer, and they will all agree that soda consumption is unhealthy in every way. Soda has greatly replaced milk consumption in many children throughout the country.  This means that many kids and teens may not get enough daily calcium, increasing the risk of broken bones and osteoporosis.  The caffeine in soda also causes calcium excretion, which can lead to more problems like kidney stones.  Caffeine can also become addicting, which means some people will have a second or third soda per day. Soda also contains a lot of sugar, around 40 grams per can, which, depending on the frequency of consumption, can really add up.  Obesity is becoming more prevalent in this country, and it is widely believed that soda is one of the reasons why. Not only that, but sugar is one of the leading causes of dental caries.  Oral bacteria change sugar into acids which demineralize tooth enamel.  This demineralization forms cavities that can break through into the dentin and even the tooth pulp. Luckily, soda manufacturers offer sugar free, caffeine free, and low-calorie diet sodas so people can still enjoy their favorite drink.  But this can still cause problems for the teeth.  Sodas contain natural and/or artificial acids (like phosphoric or citric acids), which as we all know demineralizes the enamel.  So even if the soda is sugar-free, cavities can still form through consumption.  Dark sodas can also stain your teeth, covering the natural white with a yellowish tint that definitely is not as appealing. An easy way to avoid these problems is to just avoid consuming soda, or limit consumption to one a day at the most.  Drinking soda through a straw is a great way to avoid cavities from the sugar and acids, along with brushing your teeth at least twice a day.   And most of all, being educated in the ill effects of soda will definitely help keep healthy living in mind.