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Is new Iso-Active the future of toothpaste?

August 15, 2009

A recent cutting-edge technology in toothpaste has been introduced by GlaxoSmithKline.  This technology, implemented in their Aquafresh and Sensodyne labels, is called Iso-Active Foaming Gel, and could possibly be the next big innovation in toothpaste. Iso-Active is a toothpaste gel that comes in a unique canister dispenser, but once the gel is applied to the teeth, it beings to foam, creating twice the volume of ordinary toothpastes.  This foaming action is the result of an ingredient called isopentane, a compound that is easily affected by changes in temperature.  Once the gel is introduced to the higher temperatures of the mouth, the isopentane evaporates and causes the toothpaste to foam. What makes Iso-Active so important to oral hygiene is that the foaming action can clean areas of the teeth that regular toothpaste might not be able to.  Forty percent of the tooth surface is in-between the teeth, and these hard-to-reach places can be difficult to clean thoroughly with normal toothpaste.  On the other hand, the foaming action of the Iso-Active can more easily get in between the crevices, and thus provide a better clean for the whole tooth. As good as all this sounds, at the moment it can’t be definitively said that the foaming action really does clean better than all other toothpastes.  And although Aquafresh and Sensodyne both provide a specific function to fit your oral-care needs, there are many other needs that aren’t represented.  Some people might prefer an all-natural or a xylitol toothpaste, and currently Iso-Active toothpastes do not provide that.  However, the Iso-Active toothpaste does give an enjoyably fresh and clean feeling, but in the end it still comes down to personal preference. Only time will tell if other companies start creating foaming action toothpastes of their own, but until then Iso-Active is definitely the most innovative toothpaste on the market.  Feel free to check out both the Sensodyne iso-active Multi Action foaming gel and the Sensodyne iso-active whitening foaming gel.