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Aloe Vera effective in oral care

June 23, 2009

Aloe Vera, one of the most versatile plant extracts in the world, has just added another feature to its long list of uses. Besides healing cuts, soothing burns, and moisturizing skin, aloe vera is also great for your teeth! The new study discovered that aloe vera toothpaste gel greatly removes disease-causing bacteria.  It also doesn’t have the same abrasivity as other toothpastes, giving it an instant appeal to people with sensitive teeth. The study, which was done in comparison to commercial toothpastes, showed that aloe vera is just as, and occasionally more efficient then the other leading brands.  Aloe vera contains anthraquinones, a natural ingredient that reduces inflammation.  This substance helps promote oral health in a different way than the commercial toothpastes, making aloe vera toothpaste gel a unique and effective alternative to your daily oral care routine. Some commercial oral care products, like Kiss My Face aloe vera sensitive toothpaste are already making their way onto the shelves.  Kiss My face also has an aloe vera mouthwash for those that aren’t ready to give up their favorite toothpaste just yet. But make sure that the aloe vera products you decide to use have the stabilized gel from the center of the plant, which is where the effective ingredients are located.