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Coffee helps fight bad breath

June 04, 2009

Yeah I know, I didn’t believe it either! But a research study done at the Tel Aviv University in Israel has learned that a component in coffee actually inhibits odor-causing bacteria. Until now, it was believed that the high acidity in coffee created an environment in your mouth that encouraged the growth of bacteria.  The study at the university, led by breath specialist Mel Rosenberg, set out to prove that theory, but ironically found that the opposite was true, that coffee wasn’t the cause of bad breath. The problem is that they don’t know which component is fighting the bacteria, and with so many different components in coffee, it’ll take them a long time to figure it out. But don’t start drinking coffee like mad, because coffee breath still exists. The researchers now believe that coffee, which dehydrates the mouth, can ferment into bad breath when mixed with other substances such as milk.  And along with the fact that the drink stains your teeth, coffee is still not your dentist’s most recommended treat. However, if you still plan on drinking coffee all day every day like I do, I recommend a good whitening toothpaste like Plus White Coffee Drinkers Whitening Toothpaste to avoid getting nasty coffee stains on your teeth.  And if you’re worried about bad breath, a good tongue scraper like Dr.Collins Tongue Squigi works wonders to remove odor-causing bacteria and left-over food particles off of your tongue.