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Tooth Fairy's Baby Tooth Bank

The Perfect Present Company

CHILDHOOD is a special time that should be filled with wonder, fun and magic. The love of a Tooth Fairy can make a child's dreams come true. The Perfect Present Company's unique and fabulously sentimental products inspire Tooth Fairy family fun and save/organize each precious "toothless moment" memory, forever. The products below make a child feel Special and Loved!

Tooth Fairy Legend

The tooth fairy legend has become a noted part of childhood in American culture. Originating from old European folklore, fairies were known to exchange valuable treasures for items humans viewed as insignificant. However, it was not until the early 1900s that the tooth fairy, as we know it, became popular as a rite of passage from infancy to childhood. Although it is not attached to any religion or holiday, the legend has become uniquely associated with American culture.

It is said that the purpose of the tooth fairy legend is to ease the worry or fear of children growing up. The tooth fairy myth was probably told to reward children or give them something to look forward to when they lose a tooth, something they may have grown attached to. The tooth fairy comes to visit a child generally between the ages of 5 and 7 years, when their first baby tooth is lost. A child would put his/her lost tooth under their pillow at night and the tooth fairy would make the exchange while they were sleeping. When the legend was first told, the tooth fairy would bring only modest gifts such as a dime or quarter for each tooth. As the times have changed, the dime or quarter has now increased to dollar amounts. Although some parents may opt to give small present instead of cash, money has been the traditional exchange.

Baby Tooth Finder

The Baby Tooth Finder helps the Tooth Fairy quickly locate and easily find a baby tooth that is, under a child's pillow.

Exchanging Tooth Fairy money for a baby tooth is simple because the yellow star makes finding a baby tooth a snap without awakening a child. A small pocket located in the silky tooth-shaped pouch (pillow) readies the baby tooth for The Tooth Fairy's visit. Attached to the pouch (pillow) by a silver cord is the "Glow Star." Hanging off the side of the bed, the "Glow Star" glows in the dark and acts as a beacon for The Tooth Fairy. Fairy dust (contained in the small vial) marks the magic trail of The Tooth Fairy.

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