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Rota-dent Contour Brush Heads


The below is for informational purposes only. Replacement brush heads are available for sale - one brush head per pack

Rota-dent Contour Brush Heads

Rotadent, the completely unique and incredibly effective electric toothbrush brand, is always near the top when it comes to toothbrush innovation, and the Rotadent Contour is the perfect example.

Most manual and Electric toothbrushes have the bristles spread out in rows on the brush head, ultimately leaving gaps between each bristle. This spread-out design ultimately sacrifices brushing effectiveness for the larger cleaning area. The Rotadent Contour instead features tightly-packed Gentle MicroAccess filaments that are one third the size of traditional bristles. This means there are more bristles in a smaller space than any other toothbrush. And the unique brush head makes it incredibly easy to access even the hardest-to-reach areas of the teeth.

The Rotadent Contour comes with 2 different speed modes, so even people with sensitive teeth can use it without much fuss. There is also a quad-timer that alerts you every 30 seconds that it is time to switch to the next quadrant of your mouth, giving you a more accurate and equal brushing experience.

If you’re looking to upgrade your oral care routine, nothing is better than the high-tech and DENTIST-RECOMMENDED Rotadent Contour.


  • 1 Power brush handle
  • 1 Hollow-tip brush head: ideal for normal care
  • 1 Short-tip brush head: ideal for normal periodontitis and orthodontic care
  • Travel case
  • Charger base with cord
  • 2 Identification rings

 Rotadent Contour replacement brush heads sold - One brush head per pack

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