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FLIX Interdental Cleaners



Flix is a multi-functional oral care product that promotes portable oral care. Flix's functionality and unique patented design allow for advanced dental care whenever, and wherever an individual might be, and assists in the daily removal of plaque prior to it progressing to a health threatening disease.

ERGONOMIC HANDLE Flix’s ergonomically designed stick features a unique raised groove design which allows for easy, thumb and fore-finger grasping of the stick. This design results in significantly better control when manipulating the stick between the teeth. The raised grooves create a non-slip grip preventing damage to the gums.

TAPERED SHAPE Flix's progressively tapered head allows for the Flix interdental stick to reach the tight spaces between the teeth where Plaque is most likely to hide. Unlike other toothpicks, the Flix In-Between Stick is made of strong, yet flexible plastic. There is no danger of harmful wood remnants being left in the mouth when massaging and cleaning tight areas.

WOVEN MESH FLOSS The most unique feature of Flix is the finely woven mesh of FibreFloss that is scientifically molded onto each individual Flix stick. This patented process of adhering the ultra-fine, plaque removing floss to the unbreakable interdental stick is unmatched in the dental industry. Flix is the only product that features this 21st century oral care device technology.

The standard Flix product also features a cavity-fighting fluoride treatment that is impregnated in the FibreFloss. When the FibreFloss first comes in contact with the moisture of the mouth, a release of concentrated fluoride is activated, providing a professionally recommended fluoride application. At the same time, the FibreFloss starts to expand providing a larger surface area of floss, which assists in easier removal of plaque.

Think of FLIX as a miniature interdental brush and toothpick that specializes in cleaning and massaging the vulnerable space between the tooth, gum and interdental area. Insert the brush gently between the teeth with the flat surface pointed towards the gum. The saliva activated floss expands to fill out the entire interdental space. This will ensure that only a few, gentle strokes clean off remaining plaque in the smallest cavities and irregularities. You cannot find a simpler, more efficient technique for cleaning between your teeth than FLIX

FLIX consists of floss woven into a fine mesh that is molded into an easy-to-hold plastic stem made to fit between your teeth. For daily protection, the floss contains fluoride (NaF), gradually dissolving in contact with saliva during the approximate 2 minutes it takes to clean all interdental spaces. The fluoride is applied between your teeth to strengthen the enamel as it cleans.

The majority of implant devices lead to problems of cleaning. Bacteria can easily hide in the spaces between your teeth where the toothbrush bristles rarely reach. Plaque removal is essential for the success of any reconstructive dentistry. For implant restoration you cannot fins a more convenient, easy to use cleaning aid than FLIX. The disposable FLIX is a very effective, non-abrasive cleaning device, which does not scratch titanium implants while removing plaque and depositing fluoride. FLIX is highly flexible to facilitate reaching all the way around the implant.

FLIX efficiently cleans between bridge abutments while depositing fluoride in areas that are particularly susceptible to decay.

Perfect for easily accessible oral homecare therapy:

Additional Treatment

Cleaning around braces has always been a problem. Floss & Brush is one of the most effective methods for cleaning around orthodontic appliances where plaque can build up. Fluoride release helps to prevent the formation of decay in these hard to reach places. Note that a dentist needs to be consulted regarding children's use of FLIX.

Areas highly susceptible to decay or gum disease need the additional treatment of protective gels or agents. The disposable FLIX works well as an interdental applicator of chlorine dioxide (cleansing agent), fluoride (protection against decay), chlorhexidine (antimicrobial gum therapy), and breath freshening gels. FLIX enables you to apply topical gels or agents effectively - on appropriate surfaces only.

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