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Dr.Collins Perio Toothbrush Value 2 Pack



Everyone loves Dr.Collins Perio Toothbrush! Whether you are an aggressive brusher that prefers firm bristles, someone recovering from a dental operation that needs a sensitive brush, or just a person shopping for a better toothbrush, Dr.Collins Perio Toothbrush is for you!

The unique polyester bristles on the Dr.Collins Perio Toothbrush makes it suitable for anyone regardless of their oral condition. The polyester is specially stripped to a fine supersoft point while maintaining a sturdy base. This prevents the bristles from collapsing against the teeth while brushing. Each bristles is tapered to a .01mm diameter to provide a further reach between the teeth and along the gumline where plaque and bacteria accumulate and case decay. With Dr.Collins Perio Toothbrush you get an uncompromising clean and gum massage!

Most ordinary toothbrushes are made with rounded nylon bristles that are not as effective in removing between the interdental areas. Also, nylon is a more porous material than polyester, and allows for more water absorption that causes bacterial growth.

Dr.Collins Perio Toothbrush is gentle on enamel and also great for those who suffer from teeth sensitivity. Get the toothbrush everyone is raving about; get the Dr.Collins Perio Toothbrush!


  • Polyester bristles
  • Ultra fine, supersoft tapered bristles
  • Gentle gum stimulation with every brushing
  • Prevents tooth abrasion caused by bristles

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