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Captivate By Nupro 15% Hydrogen Peroxide Tooth Whitening System


Captivate by NUPRO offers whitening options that address every patient need, promote the confidence of a radiant smile, and are backed by the quality of NUPRO products.

Captivate by NUPRO Hydrogen Peroxide tooth whitening formulas are clinically proven to maintain whitening results for two years and are gentle enough to be used overnight.


  • Dentist-prescribed tooth whitening system
  • Utilizes a custom fabricated tray with professional strength gels
  • Pleasant mint taste
  • Provides patients the flexibility to whiten when convenient
  • Clinically tested to provide both consistent and dramatic results


  • 3 hydrogen peroxide gel syringes (2.4g each)
  • 3 dispensing tips with cap
  • 1 tray case
  • directions for use


  • Syringes may be under pressure. use with caution
  • Avoid eye and skin contact
  • Rinse thoroughly for several minutes if exposed
  • Keep out of reach of children


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