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Lumineers - Porcelain Veneers That Do Not Require Removing Painful Tooth Structure

LUMINEERS BY CERINATE is a new alternative solution to traditional porcelain veneers for tetracycline stained, discolored, chipped, misaligned teeth, and even for renewing old dental work.  LUMINEERS BY CERINATE is a porcelain veneer made from patented Cerinate porcelain which is crafted to be placed over existing teeth without any removal of the tooth structure.  The unique porcelain of LUMINEERS BY CERINATE allows it to be made as thin as a contact lens and is exclusively available through Cerinate Smile Design Studious, owned by Den-Mat Corporation.  LUMINEERS can even be placed on porcelain bridgework and crowns with the new Revitalize Kits available through your dentist.  Within two to three visits to the dentist, LUMINEERS provides a custom-made smile that is clinically proven to last up to 20 years and are completely reversible.

Whitening gels only work on natural teeth and should be used before getting lumineers.  After achieving desired results with teeth whitening, lumineers can be made to match the newer, lighter shade of your natural teeth.

Are you a candidate for Lumineers?

Lumineers are as thin as a contact lens!

Lumineers by Cerinate     Traditional Veneers


Teeth are stained, slightly misshapen with spaces in between. The dentist makes an impression and the mold is sent to the Cerinate Smile Design Studio where only Lumineers are crafted.


Teeth appear stained and slightly misshapen. An impression is made and sent to a lab.


On next dental visit, your dentist tries in your Lumineers to ensure a good fit. Teeth are moderately etched to prepare for placement but there is no removal of sensitive tooth structure, the painful part of traditional veneer techniques. The Lumineers are bonded to your natural teeth and set in place with a curing light.


Anesthetic shots are given to numb the area and teeth are severely shaved away with a drill to accommodate the veneers.


In only 2 easy dental visits, you will have a permanently whiter and beautiful smile without shots, drills or pain.


A better, but still flawed smile, as the procedure is not reversible like Lumineers because the original teeth have been shaved down causing pain and discomfort immediately after the procedure.