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Dentist.Net Fresh Breath Gel System Instructions

Dentist.Net Fresh Breath Gel System Instructions

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Important: Please read before using

Usage Instructions:

It is important to apply the fresh breath gel properly as to minimize waste and tooth sensitivity that may be experienced.

1. Prior to Treatment: Fabricate your Boil-N-Bite (carrier) trays (see enclosed instructions) Try the trays in first without any gel to check the fit and comfort. Brush and floss prior to use. The fresh breath gel is more effective with clean teeth. Make sure that the carrier trays are clean and dry before applying the breath gel. Moisture reduces the efficiency of the gel.

2. Applying the Fresh Breath Gel: When you apply the gel make sure not to fill the carrier trays. Place a small drop of fresh breath gel into each tooth compartment. It is not necessary to spread the gel. Recap the syringe for next treatment.

3. Inserting the Trays: Insert the tray in the mouth over the teeth. Seat the tray firmly against the teeth. Wipe-off the excess gel, which seeps over the brim of the tray and onto your gums, by holding the tray up with one hand and wiping the excess gel off of the gums with your finger or tissue. Wear the tray with the gel as directed below.

4. Wearing time Guidelines:

  • For morning breath: wear the trays filled with the Fresh Breath Gel overnight.
  • For evening bad breath: wear the filled trays anytime in the afternoon.
  • For those who experience malodor all day: wear the trays for one half hour in the morning and evening.

Continue treatment for approximately one month then re-evaluate for bad breath. A bad breath self test can be done by visiting our bad breath treatment page. Generally, a one month treatment time is more than sufficient to reduce malodor. Following treatment, continue maintenance with regular use of the oxidizing mouth rinses, proper oral hygiene, and tongue brushing.

5. After use: Remove the tray and rinse off your teeth. Brush any remaining gel away. Brush, floss and continue routine dental cleaning. Apply desensitizing gel if your teeth become too sensitive - follow steps 1 through 3 again using the desensitizing gel (see below)

6. Caring for Your Trays and Gel: Clean whitening trays with a toothbrush or Q-tip and cold water. Store trays in the tray holder and gel in cool dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. The gel may be refrigerated to prolong the shelf life, but do not freeze.

IMPORTANT: Tooth Whitening is a side effect of using the Fresh Breath Gel: Like all tooth whitening gels, Fresh Breath Gel will only whiten natural teeth. It will NOT bleach (whiten), nor harm bonding, caps, crowns, bridges, fillings or any other artificial dental work. You may need to have the dentistry redone in order to match your new white teeth. Tetracycline (an antibiotic) stained teeth or grayish teeth are more difficult to bleach and have a varied prognosis. Exposed root portion of teeth which occurs with gum recession will also not bleach. If you have amalgam (silver) fillings in, near or behind the front teeth, long term bleaching can cause the surrounding tooth to have a greenish tinge. Bleaching translucent teeth (see through) can cause the teeth to become even more translucent and may give a darker appearance. It is important to consult a dentist if you have any of the above concerns.

Sensitivity: Your teeth or gums may become sensitive with use. This is common while using all products containing peroxide based gels and it is not harmful. In case of increased sensitivity reduce usage time and/or frequency until the sensitivity subsides

Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Do NOT use if pregnant or during nursing.

DENTIST.NET BAD BREATH GEL SHOULD BE REFRIGERATED FOR LONG TERM STORAGE. Shelf life is 1 year un-refrigerated and 2 years refrigerated. Use only in accordance with these instructions.

Contents: Dental syringes 5 ml each (approx. 8-10 applications per syringe)
Active ingredient: 10% Carbamide Peroxide

Please contact us at if you have any additional questions.