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Crest Changes The Future Of Oral Care

Crest Changes The Future Of Oral Care With Launch Of ADA-Accepted Pro- Health™ Toothpaste

August 11, 2006

From Crest, the brand that changed America's oral care with the introduction of the first clinically- proven fluoride toothpaste in 1955 and Whitestrips in 2000, comes new Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste. This breakthrough dentifrice marks a significant advance in at-home oral care by providing a number of therapeutic oral health and whitening benefits combined in one product. Its exclusive, proprietary Crest technology, the Polyfluorite System™, makes it the first and only toothpaste with the ADA seal and that protects against all these areas dentists routinely check: gingivitis, plaque, cavities, tartar, sensitivity, stains and freshens breath.

"Crest immeasurably changed oral care when we introduced the first clinically-proven fluoride toothpaste in 1955," says Diane Dietz, North American General Manager for Crest. "Now with the introduction of Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste, we are launching the next generation in toothpaste technology that allows consumers to get advanced oral health and whitening benefits from one dentifrice."

"The technology in Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste is supported by years of research and development," says Dr. Robert C. Fazio, Associate Professor, Yale University Medical School and Crest Pro-Health Advisory Board Member. "It provides the much-needed benefits for oral health conditions and diseases that millions of Americans suffer from everyday."


Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste's exclusive Polyfluorite System is a combination of stabilized Stannous Fluoride (0.454%) and Sodium Hexametaphosphate (an advanced anti-tartar/whitening agent). Together, the ingredients work to provide unique all-in-one protection. Stannous Fluoride - - a clinically-proven fluoride agent -- aids in the remineralization process and helps kill and inhibit bacteria, providing the toothpaste's health benefits. Sodium Hexametaphosphate, along with other advanced whitening ingredients, gently polishes away extrinsic surface stains and protects against new stains.

"Crest Pro-Health's Polyfluorite System is the result of more than 10 years of testing and development to create a dentifrice that successfully merges the gold standard in health technology with whitening benefits," says Robert Gerlach, DDS, MPH. "The product has the ADA seal of acceptance(1) and protects against cavities, gingivitis, plaque sensitivity, tartar, stains and freshens breath. The technology is supported by 15 patent applications and more than 70 published pieces of literature on the ingredients. And, Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste delivers three FDA-recognized oral health care benefits: anticaries, antigingivitis and protects against sensitivity."


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 50 percent of Americans currently suffer from some degree of gingivitis, an early form of periodontal disease generally indicated by bleeding gums, which can lead to bone loss the eventual loss of teeth. Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste provides protection against gingivitis, as well as other areas that dentists routinely check:

- GINGIVITIS: Clinically proven to help control gingivitis by reducing gum inflammation and bleeding - In a 6-month clinical versus a negative control, Crest Pro-Health's Polyfluorite System reduced gingivitis by up to 21 percent and reduced bleeding by up to 57 percent.

- TARTAR: Formulated to fight tartar and protect against visible build-up - Crest Pro-Health's Polyfluorite System reduced tartar up to 56 percent better than a leading anticalculus toothpaste.

- PLAQUE: Clinically proven to provide long lasting protection against plaque - Crest Pro-Health's Polyfluorite System has been shown to reduce plaque by up to 23 percent versus baseline and up to 8 percent versus an ordinary toothpaste

- SENSITIVITY: Long-lasting protection against teeth sensitivity to cold, heat, acids, sweets or contact - Crest Pro-Health Polyfluorite System has been clinically proven to reduce and protect against dentinal hypersensitivity

- STAINS: Formulated with two whitening ingredients that remove and help prevent surface stain so teeth stay whiter

- CAVITIES: Provides long-lasting protection against cavities

- BREATH: Long-lasting antibacterial action that kills over 98 percent of bacteria(2) and freshens breath


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