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New REACH CLEANPASTE™ Floss Cleans Areas Brushing Can’t And Refreshes Like Toothpaste

August 3, 2006

Johnson & Johnson Oral Health Products recently launched REACH CLEANPASTE™ Floss, the first and only dental floss infused with the revolutionary CLEANPASTE™ formula to provide a superior, whole-mouth clean feeling. “Until now, using ordinary floss was like using a toothbrush without toothpaste,” explained Lyn S. Soloway, Product Director, Professional Oral Care. “New REACH CLEANPASTE™ Floss however, cleans between teeth while imparting a refreshing flavor that will encourage frequent use for improved oral hygiene.”

According to Soloway, 2 out of 5 tooth surfaces are missed when using an ordinary toothbrush. REACH CLEANPASTE™ Floss effectively cleans and freshens these neglected areas. The product glides easily, is shred resistant and leaves no messy toothpaste residue.

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