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The Industry’s First Universal Pre-Treatment For All Professional Bleaching Procedures

GRINrx Launches The Industry’s First Universal Pre-Treatment For All Professional Bleaching Procedures

June, 2006

Brand-New Company, Led By Industry Visionary Dr. Martin Giniger, Makes Teeth Bleaching More Efficient, More Effective and Less Painful Than All Other Current Solutions

Seattle, WA - Anticipated to revolutionize the oral health industry, the GRINrx Corporation launched GRINrx Pre-White, the world’s first, universal pre-treatment for all professional dental whitening procedures. As a swab-on, pre-procedural enhancer, GRINrx Pre-White is designed to work in combination with any existing chairside or take-home whitening system to improve the bleaching effects, make teeth sparkling clean and, most importantly, eliminate teeth sensitivity. GRINrx will officially unveil GRINrx Pre-White to the dental professional community today at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s 22nd Annual Scientific Session in San Diego, California (Booth #530).

Dental professionals are currently challenged with highly-concentrated and thick hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gels that are typically inefficient, ineffective, and harmful to users, often causing dental pain. Up until now, the industry only offered teeth bleaching products that merely lightened tooth stains over time instead of rapidly removing them, which resulted in limited, fleeting whitening results often combined with painful sensitivity due to teeth dehydration.

Developed by Dr. Martin S. Giniger, one of the world’s leading experts in teeth bleaching technologies, GRINrx Pre-White makes current teeth bleaching solutions more effective, more efficient and less painful for patients. Its patent-pending formulation, known as Aqueous Chemical Cleaning TechnologyTM, consists of a combination of orally safe hydrating solvents, surfactants, alkaline builders, chelators and saponifiers. GRINrx Pre-White is the only teeth whitening solution that hydrates teeth while removing surface and subsurface stains, dramatically reducing if not eliminating the tooth hypersensitivity, an adverse reaction seen in about half of all patients undergoing professional teeth bleaching treatments. In addition, it significantly boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of existing bleaching solutions, reducing bleaching time by up to two-thirds, and causing tooth enamel to become sparkling clean, not simply lighter in color.

Indicative of the significance of this innovation, many top dental academicians and clinical leaders are praising GRINrx Pre-White in advance of its launch. After conducting independent evaluations of the product’s efficacy, Dr. Marty Zase, president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Bob Margeas, a leading practitioner and scholar in comprehensive esthetic restorative dentistry, and Dr. Ross Nash, founder and director of The Nash Institute, have extolled the clinical virtues of GRINrx Pre-White.

“As a lecturer as well as an officer for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, I am often asked to try out different dental products. I share my honest conclusions, good and bad, ensuring that my professional integrity remains intact. GRINrx Pre-White is one of the first products I’ve ever tried that I was convinced was a major breakthrough right from the start because it completely delivered on its promises,” said Dr. Zase.

“I think that GRINrx Pre-White will revolutionize the entire teeth bleaching market,” continued Dr. Zase. “Teeth bleaching is the gateway to cosmetic dentistry, and when a product makes a patient’s first entranceway into cosmetic dentistry faster, better, efficient, and more comfortable, we’ve accomplished something that is going to change dentistry forever.”

GRINrx believes that GRINrx Pre-White will transform the teeth bleaching industry by enhancing current procedures in three key areas:

More Effective
While current products and systems generate short-lived results, with some color relapse occurring as soon as two to seven days after therapy completion, GRINrx Pre-White enhances the ability of existing tooth bleaching products to not only whiten teeth, but also remove surface and subsurface stains for a longer duration. Any remaining stains not removed first completely by GRINrx Pre-White are lightened by the complementary teeth bleaching treatment that follows.

This heightened effectiveness is due primarily to GRINrx Pre-White’s patent-pending scientific formulation called Aqueous Chemical Cleaning Technology. Solvents soak into teeth and break apart stains and tooth debris, while surfactants’ wetting and foaming action help achieve better bleaching penetration and then lift stains above the enamel surface to leave teeth looking sparkling clean. Finally, GRINrx Pre-White’s alkaline builders enhance the detergent efficacy by binding foam onto colored stains and raising the pH to increase the surfactants’ efficiency.

More Efficient
While current professional take-home bleaching treatments usually take multiple hours to perform and generally require one to three weeks of time-consuming applications, GRINrx Pre-White helps whiten teeth faster than traditional whitening technologies, reducing teeth bleaching time by two-thirds. This increased efficiency also minimizes the required appointment time for chairside tooth whitening procedures, thereby increasing a dental professional’s ability to serve more patients and increase dental practice profitability.

“Time is important to everybody. Not just to the dentist, but to the patient as well, as they have many important things to do besides sit in the dental office,” shared Dr. Zase. “If we can reduce the amount of time that patients spend during a teeth bleaching procedure to less than half by using GRINrx Pre-White, we’ve not only given patients more time for themselves, but we’ve also freed up more time for us to see other patients.”

GRINrx Pre-White also increases patient compliance as it speeds up the time required to complete take-home bleaching, a common culprit for unsuccessful and incomplete teeth bleaching applications.

Less Painful
The dental health and hygiene market is full of whitening treatments with high concentrations of peroxide that dehydrate teeth and thereby cause tooth sensitivity in up to half of all users . Long tooth contact time with tissue-irritating peroxides, combined with hot bleaching lamps and thickened gels, cause significant tooth dehydration and result in transient dental sensitivity during and after the bleaching process. Beyond tooth sensitivity, tooth dehydration also provides a false sense of whitening results, as dehydrated tooth enamel looks chalky white. Once the tooth rehydrates, the enamel returns to its normal translucent state and the whitening effects diminish. GRINrx tooth whitening products use hydrating solvents and surfactants to hydrate teeth, the key to eliminating tooth sensitivity while maintaining the optimum whitening effects.

GRINrx Pre-White will initially be available in a 14-swab pack, offered to dental professionals at $75 per pack. Each pack is expected to serve two to four patients depending on the severity of tooth stain accumulation and method of treatment. GRINrx products are exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Becker-Parkin, one of the nation’s largest dental supply distributors.

Plans are already underway for further GRINrx professional product introductions including a foaming, effervescent teeth whitener scheduled for launch in Q3 2006. GRINrx will continue to leverage its deep roots in dental products research to develop new, innovative technologies to drive numerous product introductions in the near term.

“Developing intelligent solutions that proactively promote complete oral health, rather than treating oral care problems, is my chief scientific filter for any potential GRINrx product,” explains Dr. Martin Giniger, GRINrx founder and chief scientific officer. “Equally important is our focus on instilling scientific integrity in all of our efforts. We believe our honest, principled approach to dental professional relations and product development is unmatched in the dental industry.”

To fulfill this vision, Dr. Giniger has assembled an impressive executive management team with dental, corporate and marketing experience that spans across marquee brands including Procter & Gamble, Colgate, Church & Dwight, Microsoft, Neutrogena, CoinStar and Starbucks.

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